'Mega star' Mary appears on Greg James' breakfast show after viral interview

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A grandmother who appeared on ITV Wales has been interviewed by the Radio 1 breakfast show after a clip of her was shared online thousands of times.

Mary Ronald was filmed by ITV Wales' national correspondent Rob Osborne in a television news report about a meals on wheels service in Cardiff.

Volunteers, who run the service, deliver food to the vulnerable and elderly - which has proved to be a vital service during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Mary was praised for her bubbly personality and uplifting outlook.

She told Rob, "It's a life saver love! And the girls are wonderful I don't know what we'd do without them. The loneliness we've had for months - without them, I don't think I could go on.

"It's been very lonely on my own love. I watch my tele and I praise them in the church all the time.

"I'm waiting for this vaccine now hoping that will do some good. I've never known it so bad".

Mary said the service is a "lifeline" Credit: JustGiving/Moorland Community

When asked what the hardest part of the lockdown is, Mary said the loneliness.

"The fact I can't see my family - that kills me.

"But as long as I see the girls, it cheers me up. Christmas was very lonely - I did see my daughter and had my dinner but then I came home and since then I've been locked in.

"It's company to see the girls as well. We appreciate everything they do - they're all angels to me!

Since Mary's interview was shared online, it's been viewed more than 160,000 times.

Many people responded saying she had made them smile.

"Just what we need", said Lisa Smith.

"We need to protect Mary at all costs", said Jordan Coulthard.

"Applauding each and every news item bringing us good and great news at the moment. Underrated content", Fiona Kennedy said.

Mary's grandson Matthew also said how proud they were of her.

"We were so proud of her. She felt like a real life celebrity after being inundated with phone calls after the 6pm news! Glad she has made an impression on people with her laugh bubbly personality".

Mary was then contacted by the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show which is hosted by Greg James.

She appeared on the show on Monday morning where James called her a "mega star".

  • Listen to the interview here

A fundraising page has since been sent up after people contacted Mary's grandson asking how they can support the food service.

"It looks like you’ve all finally got to meet Moorland’s Mary and love her just as much as we do. She’s been part of our Lunch Club Family for over 20 years and has put a smile on our face every day. In the clip you saw lots of other ‘Moorland Stars’ and we would all love your help to keep on cooking for another 20 years!", the page says.

The page has already hit its target of £500 by raising £850 in just three days.