Bin crews spotted working in early hours of the morning in effort to clear post-Christmas backlog

Bin crews were pictured working in the early hours of the morning in St Mellons Credit: MEDIA WALES

Council rubbish collectors in Cardiff have been pictured working in the early hours of the morning, as they attempt to clear a backlog of built up waste and recycling after Christmas.

Cardiff Council previously apologised for delays to bin collections, blaming it on the huge amount of extra recycling created over the Christmas period as more people shopped online.

It's estimated there is an extra 400 tonnes of green bags on the streets compared with the same time last year.

A rubbish truck was pictured out collecting recycling in St Mellons at around 1.30am in the morning to help deal with the backlog.

Several residents said their recycling had been collected in the early hours and praised the work of crews.

On January 7, the council said they faced a 17% reduction in staff due to workers either testing positive for coronavirus or self-isolating and that had caused delays.Between December 28 and January 3, workers removed 850 tonnes of general black bin/red striped bag waste, which has increased by 33% compared to last year, and just under 400 tonnes of food waste after it increased by 17%.Councillor Michael Michael, cabinet member for clean streets, recycling and environment said: “Our waste teams are working hard with a reduced workforce due to COVID-19, to clear the remaining waste from the city’s streets.

"All the green bags have now been collected, but we are expecting further delays this week with green waste collections.“We would like to thank residents for their continued patience and ask residents to keep their green wheelie bin and Christmas tree out on-street until it is collected.”