Bridgend couple who were fined for 20 minute drive to visit a care home describe 'deeply upsetting' incident

A couple from Bridgend who were fined by the police for driving 20 minutes to visit an elderly relative in a care home have said it was a 'deeply upsetting experience'.

Carol and David Richards were on their way home after visiting Carol's mother, when they were spoken to and subsequently fined by the police.

South Wales Police have since withdrawn the fine.

However, speaking on GMB on Thursday morning, the couple said they had been distressed by what had happened.

Carol said: "She [the policewoman] wasn't engaged with me, she didn't engage with me, she just told me, she ordered me and I started to feel really upset and also outraged.

"The atmosphere got more and more chilly. We didn't swear at her, we were being polite. I just continued protesting but then it became futile."

Care home visits are permitted for compassionate reasons under Welsh Level Four restrictions.

The couple also said that South Wales Police have since phoned them to apologise for what had happened.

Carol said: "They phoned us last night. David took the call because they asked for David.

"He [the caller] was apologetic and I would describe that phone call, because I spoke to him as well, as being very empathetic.

"It was a good phone call, it was some good communication.

"I think that was constructive."

South Wales Police confirmed in a statement that they had rescinded the fine but that they will "continue to patrol communities to ensure that covid restrictions are complied with."

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