Generous postman gives six-year-old boy his Christmas tips after his scooter is stolen

Gareth Davies surprised Ollie with some mail of his own after hearing about his stolen scooter and how upset he was Credit: MEDIA WALES

A Welsh postman surprised a devastated six-year-old boy by giving him his Christmas tips from members of the public after his scooter was stolen.Gavin Davies has been a postman working in Carmarthen for the past 33 years and has got to know most of the people on his rounds, including little Ollie Davies and his parents.On Saturday, Ollie’s mother Katie posted on social media that her son’s beloved scooter had been stolen from outside the family home, in the Tregynwr area of Carmarthen.Ollie was said to be heartbroken but his mood improved dramatically the following morning when a letter fell on the mat.

Inside the envelope was a £20 note and a card.The card read: “Hi Ollie, I heard the sad news about your scooter!"Just to let you know that not everybody is nasty and cruel.

"People have been kind to me and given me Christmas tips just for doing myjob. So, I want to share them with you."Keep scooting champ. Postie x.”

Ollie was said to be overjoyed at the act of kindness Credit: MEDIA WALES

"I don’t actually work that route regularly anymore but on Friday I was covering for someone and I had seen Ollie on my round,” said Gavin, 49, who’s been working as a postman in the Carmarthen area since the late 1980s."People are so nice to us, and as it was the first time I’d worked the Tregynwr area for a while it was a nice surprise for me to get some Christmas tips.

"The next day I saw what Ollie's mum put on Facebook and I thought I would just give the money to him.

"I’m from Tregynwr so I know the family and just thought that as I had a bit of spare cash I would help him get himself a new scooter.”

Ollie and his parents were touched by the gesture.Katie Davies, Ollie's mother, said she couldn’t believe the generosity shown towards her son when she opened the letter on Sunday.

"We used the scooter last on Friday and then on Saturday we noticed that it had been stolen from the garden,” she explained."I just posted something quickly on Facebook and it got shared loads of times, but I didn’t think much more of it.

"Then on Sunday there was a letter addressed to Ollie, so I opened it up and read it to him."The message was so lovely and it’s typical of Gavin because everybody around here loves him.”

The stolen scooter was later found outside a local shop and returned to Ollie, so his mother messaged the postman immediately so that he could have his £20 back.“I messaged to say it was OK now because, thanks to everyone sharing it on social media, the original scooter had been found and Ollie didn’t need the £20 anymore," Katie said."But Gavin messaged back to say ‘don’t be silly’ and to treat Ollie and his two brothers to something nice during lockdown.

"I was chuffed that we had the scooter back because Ollie loves it but I felt bad that Gavin had given us his money, but he was adamant that he would not take it back!“But that’s what he’s like, he’s such a nice bloke.”The gesture has warmed the hearts of the people in Tregynwr and the surrounding area, with the chair of the local council praising the postman for his kindness.Robin Griffiths, chair of Llangunnor Community Council, said: "Thank you Gavin Davies, you’re a star and all your friends in the Post Office have kept us going in the community throughout the lockdown""As chairman of the community council I say thank you from the whole community - it’s a great place to live and work and I hope when all this is over we can have a big party.”