The Pembrokeshire Murders: What was drama and what was fact?

ITV's true crime drama The Pembrokeshire Murders came to a conclusion on Wednesday night after the series followed the investigation into two double murders that shook Pembrokeshire in the 1980s.

The drama, starring Luke Evans, launched on Monday with 6.3million viewers glued to their screens.

A documentary looking at the true story behind the murders - The Pembrokeshire Murders: Catching the Game Show Killer - will be shown on ITV on Thursday 15 January at 9pm.

But where was the drama series filmed, did Steve Wilkins really spot a picture of John Cooper on the pub wall, and was he really going to resign in the event of a not guilty verdict?

ITV Wales Presenter Jonathan Hill who covered the original case tells us more about the real story behind The Pembrokeshire Murders.

Most of the key scenes in the series were filmed in Pembrokeshire.

Were all of the scenes for the true crime drama filmed in Pembrokeshire?

Many of the key outside scenes were shot in and around Pembrokeshire during January and February last year.

The offices were in Fishguard but the exteriors were actually filmed in Port Talbot docks.

The prison scenes were filmed in Gloucestershire, and the scenes on the housing estate which were actually shot in Merthyr and Cardiff Crown Court doubled for Swansea.

In the series, Steve Wilkins' son says he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and join the police.

Did Steve Wilkins’ son really join the police?

At the end of the mini-series, we saw a conversation between Steve Wilkins and his son where he told his father that he wanted to become a policeman.

Steve's son actually did join the police force and is currently a serving officer.

Did Steve Wilkins really plan on resigning in the event of a not guilty verdict?

Yes, Steve actually had two envelopes to read out. Fortunately, the resignation letter stayed in his pocket but he told me the plan.

Police find gloves, rope and a map in the boot of John Cooper's car in the ITV drama.

Did the police really discover gloves and rope in John Cooper's car?

When he was arrested police found rope, gloves and maps in the boot of his car and they are convinced that he would have killed again.

Do you know if John Cooper knew about the programme? If so, do you know if he watched it?

I don’t, but given that he was an avid viewer of Wales at Six, I can’t believe that his ego could stop him from watching.

What does John Cooper get up to in prison?

I understand that he is a model prisoner and enjoys woodworking.

Steve Wilkins discover a picture on the pub wall of John Cooper appearing on Bullseye.

The scene of Steve Wilkins walking into the pub and seeing John Cooper’s picture on the wall - did that really happen?

Yes it did. That’s how they got to know about his appearing on Bullseye.

Did the real Steve Wilkins make an appearance in the series?

Yes, the real Steve Wilkins could be seen in the public gallery in one of the courtroom scenes during episode three.

The documentary The Pembrokeshire Murders: Catching the Game Show Killer will be shown on ITV on Thursday 15 January at 9pm.