The newborn triplets reunited with family after mum tests positive for Covid

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A mother of newborn triplets has spoken of her relief at having them safely home after she had to isolate for over a week due to a coronavirus diagnosis.

Ashleigh Shirajudin was diagnosed with Covid-19 during a routine hospital check despite not showing any symptoms, meaning she had to isolate from her three newborn daughters - Mia, Millie and Molly Mae - shortly after giving birth to them.

The family said it was not the birth they had been expecting.

"I went for my pre-op at Glan Clwyd Hospital. Everything was fine and then I went home after having a routine Covid test and then the next morning she [the nurse] phoned me and said 'you've got Covid, you're positive'" Ashleigh said.

"I was absolutely devastated because it wasn't the birth that we had planned and, you know, being on my own and not being able to hold the babies as soon as they were born, it was just so upsetting."

Staff at the Glan Clwyd Hospital looked after the triplets while Ashleigh isolated with her family

Dad Chris said: "[As] soon as the birth happened I had to leave and I couldn't see them for ten days. Ten days I had to wait, that was the hardest part."

Staff at the hospital looked after the triplets while Ashleigh isolated at home. They used FaceTime calls to ensure the family could see the progress of the newborn babies.

After enduring the sadness of being separated from the triplets, the family then had to come to terms with the death of Ashleigh's grandmother who died from Covid-19 shortly after they were born.

"It's such a bittersweet experience, finally giving birth to the triplets and finding out their all healthy and then my nan had also got Covid around the same time as me, and sadly 15 days after giving birth she passed away" Ashleigh said.

"She was so excited for the birth of them, which is so devastating."

Big sister Layla has been helping out with feeding, entertaining and taking care of the triplets

Having come through a mixture of emotions, the family are now all reunited at home and looking forward to the future.

Big sister Layla, 9, is already helping out with caring for her three siblings.

"Just before in the morning I was feeding them" she said.

"When they were at hospital I was so desperate to see them."

Ashleigh said the family were now all settled but did add, through laughter, that homeschooling was proving to be a bit of a challenge.