Covid: Sisters on frontline of pandemic lose 'hero' dad to virus

Video report by ITV News journalist Hannah Thomas

Two sisters on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic have opened up about their own personal tragedy after their father died from the virus they are working tirelessly to fight.

Kelly Hennessy, a nurse, and Emma Hennessy, who works in a care home, have both had coronavirus.

Sadly, the sisters from Merthyr Tydfil lost their father after he tested positive for Covid-19.

Robert Hennessy was 68-years-old and had underlying health issues but his family described him as an active family man.

"Dad also had pneumonia four times and survived them," Kelly explained.

"He had two hospital admissions with the pneumonia. But with Covid, he couldn't fight it."

Credit: Family photo

Despite the loss, Kelly said Robert will always be remembered as a "character."

"Amazing. Amazing he was. Funny. We had great memories with him. A family man. Loved us. Loved the grandkids. Lived for them. Every single day he lived for his grandkids.

"My daughter and Kelly's son don't have a Dad. Dad was their Dad. So we had to help them through it as well."

"Dad was my hero. He was my daughter's hero. He meant the world to us," Emma added.

Emma Hennessy is a care home worker.

Emma works in a local care home and she was caring for residents with coronavirus when her dad died.

"I loved them like they were my grandparents," Emma said.

"I looked after them day in, day out. Spent time with them. And even yeah, we lost a few.

"The ones that were ill, we had to get their strengths back up afterwards, get them eating and drinking. And getting them really healthy and we were lucky that we did that - as a home."

Kelly works as a nurse in the emergency department at Prince Charles Hospital, the same hospital where Robert was being treated before he died.

She's already back on the wards looking after Covid patients.

"I mean I work in CDU (Clinical Decision Unit). It is ram packed there.

"We were in ITU (Intensive Treatment Unit) with Dad. That was ram packed. Everywhere is ram packed.

"People saying on the news and on the telly and on the papers that it's not that busy. And on Twitter and what have you. Go up there. Go and put a pair of scrubs on and have a look what it's like. It's horrendous."