Dog and ducklings become best of friends as golden retriever adopts two adorable new-born birds

Teddy's owners bought the ducks when they were just eggs.

A golden retriever belonging to a family in Nantgarw has adopted two unlikely, but just as adorable, children.

Seven-year-old Teddy has taken on the role of dad after seeing two ducklings, named Daisy and Audrey, hatch from eggs.

The charming trio spend the day playing together, with Daisy and Audrey sleeping on Teddy's paws and riding on his back.

Both ducklings were bought as eggs from a farm for Teddy's owner, Tracey Newman.

the ducklings live inside the house at the moment but will move outside when they are a little older Credit: Wales News Service

Tracey, who runs a dog-walking company, said Teddy now thinks he is a "duck mummy."She said: "It's been so lovely to see them all bonding and I knew that Teddy would be great with them. The ducklings sleep in a play pen and Teddy lies by the side of it and they cuddle up to him."They also fall asleep on his paws in the day and follow him around our house."

Currently the two young ducks live inside Tracey's home but they will move to a purpose-built duck house once they are a little older.

The mum-of-three explained that her children had gifted her the eggs. They had been inspired by one of Tracey's dog-walking customers, who also has a pet duck.

Tracey said: "It's been a real joy having them in the house. Our house flooded last year and so this has been a pick me up."We also had Covid as a family and the ducks actually hatched while we were isolating so we spent that time looking after them."

The ducks climb Teddy's back and sleep alongside him.

It has also been a rocky start for one of the newborns. Daisy hatched prematurely and the family had to feed her every two hours to keep the little one alive.

Both ducklings are now fit and healthy and spend their days eating duck crumb, kale and watermelon.