Health Minister Vaughan Gething heard calling colleague's question 'ridiculous' during Zoom meeting

Health Minister Vaughan Gething was caught dismissing a colleague's question as ''ridiculous'' during a virtual Welsh Parliament committee meeting.

Gething's remarks, in response to Welsh Labour MS David Rees, were picked up by his microphone and follow another Zoom blunder after he was overheard swearing about Labour's Jenny Rathbone during a virtual sitting of the Senedd last April.

On Wednesday, Health, Social Care and Sport Committee chairman and Plaid Cymru MS Dai Lloyd starting the Zoom session by warning participants that microphones are ''being controlled behind the scenes, as it were, and they will be managed automatically, hopefully.''

But technology seemingly caught Vaughan Gething out for a second time after Mr Rees asked how many care homes in Wales are currently allowing visits for relatives due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He asked: ''How many care homes across Wales are you aware of that are allowing visits, and how many are not? Do you have those numbers?''

Mr Gething was seen raising his eyebrows and shaking his head before saying: ''Ridiculous questions.''

The questions was answered by deputy health minister Julie Morgan, who told Mr Rees: ''No, we don't have those numbers.''

Andrew RT Davies said the remark was ''unacceptable'' Credit: PA

The leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Senedd, Andrew RT Davies, criticised the remark made by Mr Gething.

He said: ''Politicians should be able to ask questions without fear or favour, and importantly with respect.

''Labours health minister has again shown his true colours by arrogantly dismissing a reasonable question from one of his colleagues.

''This is not the way to run Wales.''

In April, First Minister Mark Drakeford dismissed calls to sack Mr Gething after he accidentally left his microphone on and swore during a virtual Senedd session.

Following a question from Cardiff Central MS Ms Rathbone, Mr Gething was heard saying to an unknown person: "What the f*** is the matter with her?"