Welsh woman becomes TikTok singing sensation at 110 years old

A 110-year-old Welsh woman has become an internet sensation after a video of her singing went viral on social media platform TikTok.

Great-grandmother Amy Winifred Hawkins, who was born on 24 January 1911, was filmed enjoying a sing-song as she celebrated her milestone birthday on Sunday.

The clip shows her performing the wartime hit 'It's A Long Way to Tipperary' as she clutches a cup of tea.

Great-grandson Sacha Freeman, 14, uploaded the heartwarming clip to the video-sharing platform TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 45,000 times.

Mrs Hawkins told ITV News she was just singing her favourite song and "can't believe" her new-found internet fame.

In another clip, titled 'Vibing with my 110-year-old grandma', she's seen dancing with Sacha to hit song 'Hot in Here' by US rapper Nelly.

Mrs Hawkins says entertaining people has always been in her blood - she used to be a singer and toured all over the country as part of a dance troupe.

As a younger woman she could do the splits with ease, but jokes: "I can't do it any more!"

She is still fit and mobile, however, and incredibly can still raise her leg up high.

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Described as a "bit of a legend" in her area, Mrs Hawkins would normally have celebrated her birthday in her local pub, when she always receives piles of cards and gifts.

Instead, due to the coronavirus pandemic, she celebrated it quietly at home with her family, singing some of her favourite old songs - and unwittingly became a social media star.

Great-grandson Sacha said: "She didn't really understand the concept of TikTok at first. I had to tell her it was 'on the computer' and could be seen by people all over the world.

"She was astonished at the amount of people that saw her."

Amy Hawkins pictured as a younger woman.

Born in Cardiff, Mrs Hawkins spent most of her life in Newport but moved to Monmouth aged 96 to live with her daughter and son-in-law, her grand-daughter and great-grandson.

She has lived to see both World Wars - she was a toddler during WWI and a young woman during WW2, when she served as a fire-watcher for her local community.

The family says Mrs Hawkins is still healthy and mobile at 110, with partial loss of sight and hearing her only health issues.

Her sister Lillian, who lives in a care home in Newport, is also a proud centenarian.

Mrs Hawkins' family says she has always moved with the times and taken life in her stride.

Grand-daughter Tamzin Powell said people are amazed at the sisters' longevity, but puts it down to their easy-going approach to life.

"My grandmother has always been very laid back and has moved with the times," she told ITV News.

"Until the coronavirus pandemic hit, she was still regularly travelling to France for family holidays.

"She's incredible - we're all very proud of her."

The 110-year-old is the matriarch of her family, who affectionately call her their 'goddess'.

As well as the pandemic, Mrs Hawkins had to adapt to another change when the family home was badly flooded last year during Storms Dennis and Ciara.

The family was forced to move into a rented barn, but the stoic great-grandmother took it all in her stride."She's held the family together," Tamzin added.

"She's the matriarch - she's our goddess."