Mum beats the odds by having twins for the second time - on the same day - five years apart

A mum who beat huge extraordinary odds by giving birth to twin girls on Valentine's Day, for the second time in five years, says seeing them all grow up together has been "heartwarming".

Jo Lovell, from Ceredigion, and her partner Chris already had six children between them.

So finding out in 2014 that they were due to be parents to twins again came as a huge surprise.

Lexie and Lola arrived on Valentine's Day in 2015. Ella and Eva arrived on the same day five years later - two months early.

The odds of that happening are thought to be 32 million to one.

Lexie and Lola are due to celebrate their sixth birthdays. Credit: Jo Lovell

Jo said: "On the first three scans they said it was only one baby, and then on the fourth scan they said 'You’re not going to believe this, but it’s twins again!'"

Ella and Eva were due to be born in April, but arrived early, on February 14 2020.

The pair spent several weeks in hospital, and big sisters Lexie and Lola couldn't wait to meet them.

Parents Jo and Chris are thought to be the only couple in the world with two sets of twins born on February 14th.

Ella and Eva came home the day before lockdown in March Credit: Jo Lovell

Jo continued: "The Guinness Book of World Records have said that they don’t think there’s anybody else in the world that have got two sets of twins born on Valentine’s Day, especially all girls, so it is crazy. They're very special babies."

As the girls prepare to celebrate their first and sixth birthdays, Jo and Chris said they can't believe how lucky they are.

But they said the experience of having newborns during the past twelve months has been difficult.

Jo admitted some members of the family still have not been able to meet Ella and Eva, but has enjoyed sharing updates of them all on their very own Instagram page.

Chris and Jo are looking forward to making new memories with their children when lockdown is over. Credit: Jo Lovell

She said: "The excitement of bringing new babies home, it's always nice when people pop round and you can show them off, but obviously we didn't have that.

"We've still got family members now that haven't met them, which is a shame."

The family, who live near Lampeter, said they are looking forward to being able to take the family, including their newest additions, away on a trip after lockdown.

"Every memory we can make once this is all over we will cherish."

February will now forever be a busy birthday month in the Lovell household, and Jo joked it will also be a way to make sure Chris never forgets Valentine's Day again.