Calls for BAME people in Wales to consider Covid vaccine after 'misinformation' spread about the jab

Misinformation being spread across parts of Wales about the coronavirus vaccine is being targeted by NHS groups.

Black, Asian and other minority ethnicity communities across Wales will be accessed as part of the focus groups in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

It comes after understanding there is still 'reluctance' from some people and communities to have the jab following false information about the vaccine and its side effects being spread.

One Bengali women from Ely is trying to educate others in her community about the importance of knowing the facts surrounding Covid vaccines. She did not see the virus as a serious illness, until she contracted it herself.

She said she did not believe in the seriousness of the situation at first and thought it was "flu and they are just naming it coronavirus".

She explained that people in her community may be reluctant to take up the offer of a coronavirus vaccine because there is a great deal of misinformation about things like what it contains.

"For people with language barriers, they find it difficult to understand the messages that are portrayed," she said.

"Like in our community they've been giving out information like the vaccine contains ingredients that Muslims shouldn't be taking, things like that.

"They just need to do their research and find out what actually is in the vaccine."

During a press conference on Monday, the health minister said the Welsh Government is closely monitoring who is receiving the vaccine to make sure there are "no barriers to take-up".

"I want to be clear to all, the vaccine contains no pork products or traces of foetal matter and it is safe for all ethnic minority and faith communities.”

He said the government is also considering whether it might use mosques and other places of worship as clinics in black, asian and minority ethnic communities, which he said, "we know have been so hit by coronavirus".

Salam Abdul from the Cardiff Bangladeshi Society received his vaccine last week and is trying to raise awareness about the importance of the vaccine.

He says unproven rumours about ingredients and side effects "must stop."

Salam Abdul, Cardiff Bangladeshi Society said: "It's very important...especially for people who have difficulties with different illnesses. I hope you can listen to the message and do some research and get it done"