The heartwarming reason why a Cardiff lighthouse has been restored to its former glory

Family photo / Andy Temple standing in front of the lighthouse.
A devoted husband has made a donation in tribute to his late mother and wife. Credit: Family Photo

A devoted husband has helped restore a popular lighthouse in a Cardiff park in tribute to his late wife and mother.

Andy Temple, lost his wife Rosemary and mother Evelyn, in 2019 and decided to make a donation to the council in their memory.

Cardiff's Famous Scott Memorial lighthouse at Roath Park underwent maintenance work last year and has been fully restored thanks to a donation Andy offered to Cardiff Council.

Mr Temple said, "Over the years Rose and I spent many an hour walking our dogs around the lake, in all weathers, and on the many occasions when my mum came to visit us, she always enjoyed visiting the park, and always admired the lighthouse - even at 97 she would still manage a full lap of the lake.

"I thought it would be a fitting tribute to have it refurbished to its former glory in memory of them both."

Roath Park is a popular leisure spot in the centre of Cardiff. Credit: Keris Thomas

Due to poor weather, maintenance work was delayed so the lighthouse remained in scaffolding for over four weeks.

Once the restoration was completed, Mr Temple took pride in turning on the lights which now illuminate the lighthouse. Local residents have stopped to enjoy the lighthouse and take pictures.

Mr Temple told ITV Wales he has had the "worst year of [his] life" following the death of his wife and mother.

"I had the worst year of my life, with two funerals. Then we had the virus which meant you couldn't do anything. Roath Park is important to me and to people in Cardiff so it was phenomenal to see the light house restored.

"Turning on the lights was one of the best moments I've ever had. At that moment people stopped to watch, which was amazing."

"People's comments are very positive online, it's gotten nearly 3000 likes on Facebook"

Cardiff Council's Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Cllr Peter Bradbury, said, "This kind donation will make a real difference to Roath Park and to the many people who visit it each year and importantly, serve as a fantastic tribute to the lives of two people who were clearly very much-loved."

The Scott Memorial was erected in memory of Antarctic explorer, Captain R. F. Scott and the crew of the S.S. Terranova. They lost their lives after sailing from Cardiff in 1910 on an expedition to reach the South Pole.