The moment van driver is caught allegedly dumping rubbish on roadside

Investigators want to speak to the driver of a Transit Tipper van after shocking footage showed it emptying waste on a roadside before driving off.Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is investigating five incidents of fly-tipping in Newport and Cardiff last year.A video released by NRW shows waste being emptied from the Transit Tipper van onto the ground before it drives away.They now want to speak to the driver of the van about the following incidents:

  • September 2 – Land next to the LG plant in Coedkernew, Newport

  • September 3 – Land next to the plant LG in Coedkernew, Newport

  • September 6 - Lamby Way Workshops, Lamby Way, Cardiff

  • September 10 - Waterside Business Park, Lamby Way, Cardiff

  • October 7 - Hendre Road, Cardiff

NRW is investigating the fly-tipping with the help of Newport and Cardiff councils but has been unable to identify the man seen in the footage.

Natural Resources Wales are looking to identify the man pictured.

Pamela Jordan, from Fly-Tipping Action Wales said: “If you have any information about the individual caught on camera, we’d urge you to come forward and contact our incident hotline on 03000 65 3000."Ms Jordan said those who fly-tip in the area have "little regard for the environment or the local communities and businesses who are left to face the problem."According to the most recently published Welsh Government data, 2,697 incidents of fly-tipping took place in Newport between 2018 and 2019.The amount spent on clearance costs for fly-tipping in Newport between 2018 and 2019 was £117,452.On Thursday, Welsh Government and Fly-tipping Action Wales launched a report analysing fly-tipping incidents recorded by local authorities in Wales.The report shows that between April 2019 and March 2020, fly-tipping clearance in Wales was estimated to cost £1.76 million, while 72% of incidents involved household waste (black bag or other household waste).“Remember that as a householder, if you are paying someone to take away your waste you need to check that they are a registered waste carrier," said Ms Jordan."If your waste is fly-tipped, and can be traced back to you, you could face an unlimited fine and prosecution.”Fly-tipping in Newport has been an ongoing concern for residents in Newport in recent years.Areas such as Peterstone, Wentlooge and Marshfield have suffered with fly-tipping, with household waste, as well as larger items such as disused caravans and boats, being discarded on both private and public land.

The section of dual carriageway off the A48 in Coedkernew, Newport, is known locally as "the road to nowhere."

One area in particular, near the LG plant in Coedkernow, has become well known for the recurrence of illegal waste disposal - being infamously dubbed as "the road to nowhere."In response to incidents of fly-tipping in these areas, Peterstone and the surrounding areas of St. Brides and Wentlooge are all within the area covered by the '#blackspotstobrightspots' project run by NRW.