One year passes since Wales saw first coronavirus case confirmed

Credit: PA

Today marks one year since the first case of coronavirus was identified in Wales.

On February 28, 2020, Public Health Wales confirmed that the person had recently travelled from Italy, which was then seeing a surge in cases, and contracted the virus there.

At that point there were just 19 confirmed cases in the whole of the UK but it would be less than a month before the first UK's national lockdown would be introduced on March 23.

In just one year the number of cases of the virus in Wales has risen dramatically. Latest figures show Wales has had 203,625 confirmed cases since this time last year.

It would be just over 2 weeks after Wales had its first case that it would also see the first death from the virus on March 16.

A year later and there has now been 5,304 deaths with 24 reported today.

Credit: PA

In the short space of a year no one would argue that life in Wales has changed dramatically.

People have seen the introduction of social distancing, more of us have had to adjust to working from home and the challenges of home schooling. All of these things would have seemed unthinkable just last year.

But the past year has also seen the speedy development of vaccines by scientists all over the world. The first person in Wales was given on of these jabs in December.

One year from the first confirmed case, Wales has now administered one million doses of a coronavirus vaccine with a third of the adult population having received at least one dose.