Wales Air Ambulance medic injured in 'dangerous' Cardiff laser attack

The helicopter was flying near a busy hospital at the time, with police saying it could have been 'catastrophic'.

A Wales Air Ambulance medic suffered blurred vision and a migraine in a laser attack that police warned could have been "catastrophic".

The helicopter was flying near Heath, Cardiff, at around 9.30pm on February 28 when it was hit by a dazzling light from below.

The on-board critical care practitioner exposed to the laser beam was forced to leave their shift early due to the ill effects.

South Wales Police are investigating and have put out an appeal to try to find the person responsible.

The aircraft was flying over Roath Recreation Ground, near the busy University Hospital of Wales, when it was targeted.

A police spokesperson said: "Recklessly shining a laser at an aircraft or another moving vehicle is deeply irresponsible and dangerous."Lasers can dazzle, distract or blind those in control of an aircraft."By causing a distraction or, in some cases, short or long-term eye damage, laser attacks can lead to catastrophic incidents."We take these types of incidents extremely seriously and will prosecute anyone carrying out this offence."Penalties for the offence is a maximum five-year prison sentence, an unlimited fine or both."

A man was jailed last year for shining a £5 laser at a passenger aeroplane landing at Cardiff Airport.

The 54-year-old had previously shone a light directly at a police helicopter and was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in prison.

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