New bridge installed as part of Swansea's £1 billion regeneration scheme

  • The bridge was unveiled in Swansea city centre on Sunday

A new bridge has been installed in Swansea centre as part of the city's £1 billion regeneration scheme.

The 150 metric tonne Copr Bay bridge, which sits over the main road on Oystermouth Road was installed over the weekend.

The bridge is 12 metres wide, 49 metres long and features 2,756 laser-cut origami and is part of Swansea Council’s £135 million Copr Bay Phase One regeneration scheme.

Swansea Council says it will be 'pivotal in improving access between the city, the Marina and the coastline' but that it will be 'a number of months' before the pedestrian and cyclist bridge will be ready for use by the public.

The new bridge is part of Swansea's regeneration project. Credit: Swansea Council

Rob Stewart, Leader of Swansea Council said: “This is another big milestone in the transformation of our city.

"With its bold design and striking façade that will complement the new state-of-the-art arena, the bridge will become a stunning new landmark for the city and an emblem nationally and internationally of a modern welcoming city.

"The work we’re doing couldn’t be more timely for Swansea and Wales as we emerge from the pandemic.

"We’re transforming the landscape, and we’re creating jobs, new opportunities and a new future for our city centre. The bridge, when completed, will be part of that bright future."

The bridge was installed in the city centre over the weekend. Credit: Swansea Council

Swansea-born artist Marc Rees designed the pattern on the bridge's side panels alongside a group of architects.

Friedrich Ludewig, Design Director for ACME architects said: "The new bridge is a true piece of international innovation for Swansea.

"The iconic arch stabilizes the super-slender bridge deck and creates a new urban space floating over the road, enclosed by patterned steel offering glimpses across the road, the arena and the new coastal park.

"Until now, Oystermouth Road was for cars, not people. The bridge will be a stepping stone for a greener and more liveable Swansea city centre."

Swansea Council says it expects the bridge will be ready for use in the second half of the year, ahead of the opening of the new arena which is on schedule to be completed this year.

The bridge was designed by Swansea-born artist Marc Rees and a team of achitects. Credit: Swansea Council

Swansea Council says the city centre is currently undergoing 'one of the largest urban transformations currently being delivered in the UK'.

It says £1 billion is being invested in comprehensive projects across the city to allow Swansea to 'realise its potential as one of the UK’s most vibrant places to live, work, visit and study'.

The bridge is part-funded by the Welsh Government’s Active Travel fund.