Ryan Reynolds learns Welsh, talks Wrexham and reveals how David Beckham is teaching him about football

Hollywood actor and Wrexham AFC owner Ryan Reynolds has been brushing up on his Welsh in a This Morning interview with Alison Hammond.

The Deadpool star, who recently purchased Wrexham FC alongside fellow actor Rob McElhenney, was taught some useful Welsh phrases for when he is able to visit Wales.

Reynolds was shown how to say 'good morning', order a pint and complain about a penalty decision in Welsh - although there was some questionable pronunciation from the Canadian.

Hammond did her best to guide Reynolds through the language but added, "apologies to anyone who's Welsh if I'm getting this completely wrong."

Ryan Reynolds joked he was seeking advice from fellow football club owner David Beckham. Credit: PA

Reynolds revealed during the interview, albeit tongue-in-check, that he was learning about football from friend David Beckham.

When asked if Beckham had offered him any tips, Reynolds said: "If you can just make heavy eye contact with Beckham for more than 20 seconds your football knowledge grows exponentially.

"Sometimes I just I FaceTime him and I'm like 'no, no, don't speak - just stare at me.'"

"I don't know anything about running a football club."

Reynolds and McElhenney became official owners of Wrexham AFC in February after their takeover bid was accepted by supporters.

The duo celebrated by changing their names on Twitter to "Wrob" and "Wryan".

The takeover took most people by surprise but Reynolds said they were attracted to Wrexham because of the community and history of the club.

"We were looking at a bunch of different teams but the thing for me which really struck a cord about Wrexham was how intrinsically tied communities are to their football clubs and you really can't grow a football club without also growing, in tandem, the community."

He continued: "The whole thing felt like a very special project for us. Not just to grow this club - which is an incredible storied club with a pedigree unlike any other - but it also seemed like a really interesting opportunity to be a part of a community and help grow a community around this club.

"It's not really just a football club it a more all encompassing project with Wrexham and their supporters, their community."

Reynolds was quick to admit that he does not know "anything about running a football club" but that he wanted to make a success of the venture by trusting in people who do.

"I don't know anything about running a football club but I think the best leaders I've ever worked with and do the best with these jobs are the one's will to say "I don't know" and to hire those around them who do know."

Reynolds and McElhenney have clearly become enamoured with Wrexham and its supporters in their short association with the club.

Reynolds described his respect for Wrexham's supporters and outlined their ambition to guide the club to a "meteoric rise."

"Your average Wrexham football supporter has forgotten more during the course of this interview about football than I will ever know - I know that," he said.

"So we're really doing this with the spirit of the community and taking them back into the English football league - that is the goal.

"To make this the most interesting and meteoric rise football story in history. That's our goal and our hope and we're super excited about it."

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