Every child in Wales to be taught about country's diverse history under plans to tackle racial inequality

Every child in Wales will be taught about the country's diverse history as part of ongoing work to tackle racial inequality.

The new curriculum, due to be taught to younger learners from 2022, will look at contributions made by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities in Wales, past and present.

It follows recommendations from a working group set up by the Welsh Government to look at diversity in an educational setting.

Professor Charlotte Williams OBE, who led the group, said learning "can take us a long way forward".

The Welsh Government says it is committed to tackling structural and systematic racism and wants to create a Wales that is anti-racist by 2030.

Professor Williams said: "This work is unprecedented and much needed, and the review represents a groundbreaking trajectory in curriculum reform in Wales.

"What happens in schools across Wales, the way in which they engage, take forward and sustain the concerns of this report is critically important to the wellbeing of all children and young people in Wales, to the wellbeing of those from minority backgrounds and to the wellbeing of society as a whole.

"Education alone cannot address the social, cultural and structural factors that sustain racial inequality. However, education can take us a long way forward in producing the ethical and informed citizens of the future.

"I am confident that the proposals in this report will provide the education community with the means to address more systematically and coherently engagement with this priority area."

Professor Charlotte Williams OBE led a working group looking at diversity in education. Credit: Naomi Jellicoe

Education minister Kirsty Williams accepted all 51 recommendations made in the report.

She said: "I am very grateful to Professor Williams and the working group for the report, which is thorough and thought-provoking, offering hard truths and clear recommendations.

"As the report states, our new curriculum can only be enriched by revealing the diversity of perspectives and contributions made by the ethnic minority communities to the development of Wales across its history and in the present.

"If we are to achieve one of the core purposes of our new curriculum, to develop young people who are “ethical and informed citizens of Wales and the world”, we must ensure children’s experiences are expanded though engagement with ethnic minority perspectives, themes and contributions.

"I am delighted to accept all of the report’s recommendations and put financial support in place to ensure these recommendations are fully implemented."

Last year, Plaid Cymru put forward a proposal for black history to be taught in schools.

The party said the recent Black Lives Matter protests had brought "into sharp focus" the need for black and people of colour history to be taught.

The Welsh Government will publish its race equality action plan next week.

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