Intensive care consultant wins award for photographing the impact of coronavirus on his hospital

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An intensive care consultant who chronicled the impact of Covid-19 on his hospital through photography has won a major award.

Dr Nick Mason, who was based at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport during the first wave, won The Power of Photography Award at the AP Awards 2021.

Nick used a camera that remained in the hospital at all times Credit: Dr Nick Mason

An experienced photographer outside from his main job, he says the sight of so many patients and people in PPE struck him as a story that needed to be told.

The photographs illustrate the fight for survival and hospital staff's efforts to save lives Credit: Dr Nick Mason

At its highest point, with a huge number of patients suffering respiratory failure, the ICU found itself working at 300% of its normal capacity.

The photographs capture the sheer effort of medical professionals and support staff working across the unit, along with patients at various stages of illness and recovery.

The photos document how the ICU coped with a huge increase in patients Credit: Dr Nick Mason

Nick wants the photographs to be a record and acknowledgement of the people who came together to help the hospital get through the terrible effects of the pandemic.

Nick says it was "a privilege" to document the tireless work of his colleagues and friends Credit: Dr Nick Mason

One particular striking series of photos showing the huge temporary mortuary that was built to handle the numbers of people who lost their lives.

The temporary mortuary at the Royal Gwent Hospital, photographed days after the last body was taken away Credit: Dr Nick Mason

Taken only "a couple of days" after the last body had left, Nick says it "brings home the the lethality and the awfulness of the virus and what the pandemic represents the so many people".

Patients are shown making their first steps towards recovery Credit: Dr Nick Mason