Walrus pictured relaxing on Tenby slipway

An arctic walrus has been photographed relaxing at Tenby Lifeboat Station over the weekend.

The walrus was first seen in Ireland before first being spotted in Pembrokeshire earlier in the week.

It's thought the animal has come across the North Atlantic from Greenland after "falling asleep on an iceberg."

The RSPCA was called out to check on the welfare of a walrus - the first call of its kind in its near 200-year history.

Credit: Gareth Davies/@GDPTenby

Ellie West, an RSPCA officer, said the animal appeared to be healthy.

"He was resting and, although appearing slightly underweight, thankfully he wasn’t  displaying any signs of sickness or injury," she said.

"This is an incredibly rare sighting and these big, beautiful animals never usually venture so far south."

"The juvenile walrus has likely travelled down this way in search of food."

Walruses are sensitive to disturbance and noise. Credit: Emma Ryan

The animal charity has asked the public to keep their distance as "he needs to rest and conserve his energy."

They have also encouraged people to contact the RSCPA emergency hotline on 0300 1234 999 if they spot the walrus and have concerns about his welfare.