Wales basks in warm sunshine with blue skies as temperatures exceed 20°C

Tuesday and Wednesday will see prolonged spells of sunshine in Wales with the temperatures rising. Credit: Sheena Parry-Davies

Wales will be basking in warm sunshine on Tuesday and Wednesday as temperatures are set to exceed 20°C.

This is unusually warm for this time of the year as we do not usually see temperatures in the 20s in March.

Last year in March, the highest temperature recorded in Wales was 19.4°C in Rhyl - with Wales recording higher temperatures than this on Tuesday and is on track to do this again on Wednesday.

But whilst it will be warm by day, we'll also have some rather cool nights to come.

On Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, the temperatures will be cooler in more sheltered and rural spots.

A temperature inversion overnight means that the temperatures will increase with height - so hilltops and mountains will see milder temperatures overnight than lower levels and valleys.

Some rather chilly evenings have been forecast over the next few days. Credit: Llelo Gruffudd

Wednesday will see another bright and warm day to come with temperature again expected to exceed 20°C.

Hay fever sufferers take heed as pollen levels are currently high due to the dry weather and prolonged spells of sunshine, however pollen levels will fall to moderate in the next few days so it should provide a bit of relief.

UV levels will be moderate over the next few days, so take care if you are out and about in the sunshine as you can still burn quite quickly in the sun at this time of the year.

It will be very warm on Tuesday and Wednesday with fine and settled conditions. Credit: ITV Weather

A southerly air flow is currently drawing up warmer air from the near continent. With high pressure in charge for the next few days, things should remain rather fine and settled.

But whilst we may have a taste of summer on Tuesday and Wednesday, we could see a return of more wintry conditions by the Bank Holiday weekend.

We'll see more cloud and welcome in some colder air towards the end of the week, with a drop in the temperatures for Good Friday, and the potential of it turning even colder by Easter Monday.