Beer bottles, food wrappers and plastic bags litter Cardiff Bay and Barry Island after crowds gather on hottest day

Rubbish was strewn outside the Senedd and on Barry Island after crowds gathered

Abandoned beer bottles, food wrappers, nappies, plastic bags and other rubbish were left at coastal spots in Cardiff and Barry after the hottest day of the year.

Bins were pictured overflowing with litter and empty bottles and cans of alcohol were left scattered on the steps of the Senedd on Wednesday morning.

One woman who lives in Cardiff Bay said: ''I live in the centre of Cardiff Bay and I am constantly witnessing people publicly urinating on my doorstep, in the car park, outside the shops, it's disgusting.

''The amount of rubbish and glass that had been deliberately thrown on the ground is concerning.

''No thought to how it could affect dogs especially as the glass can stay in their paws. There are also so many families, children and people on bikes who use the area.''

Rubbish left behind after people gathered outside the Senedd on Tuesday evening

There were reports of large numbers of groups gathering in Cardiff Bay around the Senedd on Tuesday evening.

Pictures also show a large police presence as crowds gathered.

Police were present as crowds gathered in Cardiff Bay Credit: ITV Wales

It was the second day a large amount of rubbish had been left with a major clean up operation.

On Tuesday, Cardiff Council said their teams cleared a ''sizeable'' amount of rubbish from the area and urged people to follow coronavirus rules.

Empty cans, plastic buckets and nappies being washed up on the beach at Barry Island

There were also pictures from Barry Island of empty cans, plastic buckets and nappies being washed up on the beach.One walker said: "They left all their rubbish to get washed away. Bottles, toys, masks, towels, and of course nappies. I litter picked and the bins were vastly overflowing."