Senedd Election 2021: What are other parties promising?

  • Political Correspondent Owain Phillips outlines the other party pledges

The Senedd Election 2021 is fast approaching, with all political parties beginning to outline what they will do if they win.

Beyond Welsh Labour, the Welsh Conservatives and Plaid Cymru, a number of parties are standing in this election - with a whole host of different viewpoints.The Liberal Democrats will be looking to improve on their single MS and will hope to build on education minister Kirsty Williams' time in government.

There are promises of personal learning accounts to help with lifelong learning, and pledges of more support for businesses post-pandemic.

A number of parties want to scrap powers for the Senedd. Credit: PA Images

UKIP are promising to end the use of lockdowns to deal with Covid, and want to give voters an opportunity to end devolution too - with a referendum on scrapping the Senedd.

Continuing with that theme, they want to abolish the Welsh Baccalaureate and the target of one million Welsh speakers.

Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party's main pledge - like their name suggests - is to get rid of the Senedd.

They want to see the UK Government lead on all aspects of dealing with the pandemic, and for London to directly fund services.Reform UK is the successor to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. They want to raise the personal allowance for income tax to £20,000 and simplify the tax system.

They also want to change the education system and believe freedom of speech needs greater emphasis.

Several parties are also pledging to hold a referendum on Welsh independence if they win. Credit: PA Images

Propel was born out of Neil McEvoy’s departure from Plaid Cymru, and the party is very much in his image.

They are anti-lockdown, and pledge a different approach to Covid restrictions. Other pledges include looking again at local development plans, while they’re also pro-Welsh independence.The Green Party are also fielding a slate of candidates - pledging to introduce a minimum basic income if elected.

They want a green new deal to help with Covid recovery, and have pledged to replace fossil fuels with wind power by 2030.

The Communist Party is standing on a platform of mass nationalisation, while Gwlad are also fielding candidates and promoting independence for Wales with a free market economy.

The Freedom Alliance are also standing in this election on an anti-lockdown platform.