Senedd Election 2021: What are Plaid Cymru promising?

  • Political Correspondent Owain Phillips outlines the main Plaid Cymru pledges

The Senedd Election 2021 is fast approaching, with all political parties beginning to outline what they will do if they win.

Plaid Cymru have found themselves squeezed politically over the last year - mainly because of Mark Drakeford's distinct Welsh response to the pandemic.

That's why the party has offered some eye-catching ideas, like free school meals for all primary school pupils, and 60,000 green jobs.

At his launch, leader Adam Price repeatedly emphasised that his campaign is about Wales over the next five years - as he tries to move away from the day-to-day decisions of the First Minister on Covid.

He claimed his party is the only one offering a programme for government "with economic dynamism and social justice at its heart".

Adam Price launched his party's campaign in Llanelli - a key target seat for Plaid Cymru. Credit: ITV Wales

Pledges also included 30 hours of free childcare for all over 24 months, the creation of green spaces within a five minute walk of every home, and a referendum on Welsh independence by 2026.

There were also promises of 1,000 extra doctors and 4,000 more nurses for the NHS.

Speaking ahead of his launch, Mr Price said: "Putting Wales' future in Wales' hands is the only way to put and end to the poverty of ambition under Labour and to thwart the Tory threat to wipe our country off the political map.

"Wales cannot wait for Labour to find courage or for the Tories to find a conscience - we need new energy and new ideas now. That is precisely what a vote for Plaid Cymru - a vote for Wales - offers on May 6."

This is about trying to project a long term vision. The risk for Plaid though, is without a distinct message on Covid restrictions, they could continue to get squeezed out.