Nan and grandson from Merthyr Tydfil become viral sensations with TikTok dancing videos

  • Video report by ITV Cymru Wales reporter Kate Lewis

A 76-year-old grandmother and her 19-year-old grandson from Merthyr Tydfil have gone viral on TikTok after uploading videos of themselves dancing.

Some of the videos of the duo dancing on TikTok have been viewed over 12 million times, reaching people as far away as Argentina and Brazil and even appearing on TV in America.

When teenager Lewis asked his Nan Phyllis to do a dance video with him on the app, neither ever expected the response they've received.

The pair's videos have been viewed by people across the world. Credit: Lewis Leigh

Lewis Leigh said: "I was doing the shopping for my Nan each week, every Wednesday I do it one day I said 'Right Nan I've found a TikTok and I think we should do it.' We did it and it just exploded and it's just gone up from there so we became a TikTok duo then.

"I think it's quite rare for a 76-year-old woman to be up for doing dances and things with her 19-year-old grandson.

"I think it's amazing and I think my Nan is amazing and not just when it comes to TikTok but in general, she's an amazing Nan."

Lewis and Phyllis have always been close.

The dancing videos has also been a way of keeping Phyllis fit during lockdown. She hasn't left the house in over a year since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and credits dancing with her grandson to keeping her active.

Lewis and Phyllis say they have always shared a special bond and that putting together the dancing videos has brought them even closer together.