Retailers across Wales prepare for non-essential stores to reopen on Monday

  • Video report by ITV Wales Correspondent Hannah Thomas

Retailers are preparing to reopen their doors to customers tomorrow for the first time since December. It's one of the next steps in the easing of lockdown restrictions in Wales.

Shopkeepers in tourist towns like Llandeilo have been getting ready for business and will welcome people from across the UK from Monday.

From Monday 12 April, all remaining shops can reopen, completing the phased reopening of non-essential retail, as well as close-contact services.

Non-essential stores in Wales can reopen from Monday 12 April.

Gloria Vaughan-Roberts, a store owner in Llandeilo told ITV Cymru Wales: "Oh we can't wait yes. It's so exciting, because it's been such a long time.

"Obviously masks are going to be compulsory. And we've got social distancing in place. And we've got stickers on the floor."

Non-essential store reopening is one of the next steps in the easing of lockdown restrictions in Wales.

Deb Ince, Chair of the Llandeilo Chamber of Trade said: "We're looking for ideas to get people to come into Llandeilo, because obviously we're a lovely little destination market town.

"We're all independents, so we've got lots of new and exciting things to encourage people to come back."

It's set to be a lengthy road to recovery, but retailers across Wales will be hoping that things may start to pick back up again on Monday.