Woman escapes and elderly neighbour rescued in Flintshire bungalow fire

Fire crews were called to the scene late on Monday night. Credit: North Wales Fire and Rescue Service

A woman has escaped and her elderly neighbour rescued from a fire in their homes in Flintshire.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service received a call late on Monday night, and crews from Deeside, Buckley and Mold attended.

A woman, in her sixties, woke to find a fire affecting the roof of her bungalow, and was able to leave quickly while smoke alarms were activating.

The fire had spread across the roof to the next bungalow, and the resident, a woman in her nineties, had to be carried out of her smokelogged property by firefighters.

Rescuers said she was taken to hospital for treatment but has since been released.

They added that the fire caused 100% fire damage to the first bungalow, and the second bungalow had 30% fire damage to the roof and 100% smoke and water damage.

The cause of the fire is thought to be electrical.

Paul Scott, Senior Fire Safety Manager for North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said: "I am extremely proud of our crews who worked quickly and effectively to rescue the lady and get the fire under control.

"We are all very pleased that both the women escaped unharmed – our work is all about protecting our communities and saving lives, both through responding in times of need and helping to prevent fires and educating people about staying safe from fire.

"Smoke alarms provide an early warning signal which can allow you and your family to escape unharmed from a fire in your home."

He added that the fire and rescue service offers free advice on how to prevent a fire in the home.