Wales fully vaccinates a quarter of its adult population

More than a quarter of adults in Wales - 25.2% - have now been given two Covid-19 vaccine jabs Credit: PA Images

More than a quarter of adults in Wales have now been given a two-dose course of a coronavirus vaccine, latest figures show.

It means 25.2% of adults have been given two Covid-19 jabs.

Public Health Wales figures published on Thursday also revealed that 1,727,455 people have now been given a first vaccine dose; 635,655 have received a two-dose course.

The agency reported one coronavirus death and 63 new confirmed cases.

Meanwhile it was reported that coronavirus was not the leading cause of death in Wales in March, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics.

It is the first time since October that coronavirus has not been the leading cause of death in Wales.

Heart disease was said to be the biggest cause of mortality in March, causing more than one in ten deaths, the ONS found.

The all-Wales case rate currently stands at 14.6% with a test positivity rate of 1.6%.

Last week it emerged that Wales had vaccinated more of its adults than any other UK nation.

More than a quarter of adults in Wales have now been given a two-dose course of the coronavirus vaccine Credit: PA Images

The Welsh Government is set to give a coronavirus update on Friday afternoon with details expected on the next steps to lift lockdown restrictions.

However, opposition parties have criticised the Welsh Labour Government after First Minister Mark Drakeford said in a BBC interview that he would use the briefing to spell out what a Welsh Labour Government would do in the three weeks after the election.

Mr Price accused the First Minister of using civil service resources for electioneering purposes, which must not be done during an election period.

The Welsh Conservatives have also commented after Mark Drakeford's interview on the BBC and called for the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Frank Atherton, to lead Friday's coronavirus press conference instead of the First Minister.

A Welsh Labour spokesperson said, “Mark Drakeford remains the First Minister making important decisions to keep Wales safe.

"We are aware that Mr Price has sent another letter, we understand this will be responded to in due course."

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