Election Cuppa: Andrea and Adrian talk debates, polls and the pandemic

  • Watch the second episode of Election Cuppa with Adrian and Andrea

In the latest episode of ITV Wales' latest vodcast Election Cuppa, Adrian and Andrea discuss the hot topics of the week on the election campaign trail including the Conservative manifesto launch, ITV's election debate and a delve into the findings of our exclusive poll.

Adrian hosted the election debate which featured the three main party leaders who were quizzed on everything from the handling of the pandemic to what a future Wales under their government would look like.

"It was an unusual debate because normally they're quite big affairs with an audience - and in the last few years they have been with more participants. This time, Covid meant we had to make a decision and the decision was to focus on the three biggest parties", Adrian said.

"There were perspex screens - somebody did say we should turn them into gunge tanks - which was an interesting idea!"

"It was a great snapshot, and we did another programme which brought together the other parties and if you don't get chance to get somebody at your door, there are good opportunities in two programmes to see what people stand for."

Andrea's dog Marcy makes an appearance in Friday's episode

The other topics discussed were the criticisms of the First Minister from opposition parties in the handling of the announcements about lifting lockdown as well as the findings of ITV Wales' latest election poll.