More wildfires break out after crews tackle spate of similar blazes

  • ITV News Correspondent Rupert Evelyn captures footage from the scene

Further wildfires have been spotted in parts of south Wales, following a spate of similar blazes less than 20 miles away.

ITV News correspondent Rupert Evelyn tweeted from the scene to say: 'Wildfire in the valleys near Porth. South Wales Fire & Rescue are on it. Tinder dry wood and brush burning fast.'

He followed up with a second tweet, which read: 'In the haze, a single firefighter doing what he can before the back-up arrives.'

South Wales Fire & Rescue Service confirmed two engines are attending a wildfire where two hectares of grass and bracken are alight.

They said they do not know whether the fire was started deliberately at this stage.

Shortly afterwards, Rupert tweeted again to say: 'Seen three separate 'wildfires' in the valleys tonight. This one above Evanstown is huge and still burning.'

Meanwhile, fire crews remain at a mountain near Caerphilly tackling a series of fires that are believed to have been deliberately started.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service were still at Mynydd Machen near Cross Keys on Tuesday morning after receiving callouts for multiple blazes in the area since Thursday.

Crews have had to use specialist equipment to combat the fires, which have spread over 50 hectares - roughly the size of 70 football pitches.

People close to the area have been advised to close their windows and doors as a safety precaution due to the large amount of smoke.