Popular social media beauty spot blighted by litter and illegal parking

Many visitors treat the stunning beauty spot with respect, but some are causing "considerable" problems, police say. Credit: Laura Townsend / South Wales Police

A picturesque south Wales reservoir featured hundreds of times on social media is being blighted by litter louts and inconsiderate drivers, locals say.

Brombil Reservoir in Margam, Port Talbot, has become popular with bloggers and social media users flocking to photograph its stunning turquoise hues.

But police, councillors and local residents have been forced to hold a series of meetings amid concerns over illegal parking, abandoned rubbish and dog fouling.

There are also fears that emergency service vehicles would not be able to access people in need, with cars double-parked along narrow roads at busy times.

South Wales Police said they are responding "on a regular basis" to concerns over inconsiderate and illegal parking at Brombil.

Double yellow lines have been put in place but are often ignored, or vehicles simply move on to park in equally problematic areas nearby.

The force added: "We want everyone to enjoy the area, but please park responsibly and safely."

There will be regular police patrols over the coming weekends and action will be taken against offenders, police have warned.

Neath Port Talbot Council has gone a step further and has asked that visitors stay away from the reservoir until the issues are resolved.

A spokesperson added: "The council does not actively promote Brombil, which is privately owned, and some of the access roads leading to it are also privately owned."

But many who frequent the area in a respectful manner have also expressed their anger at inconsiderate visitors.

Ian Clifford tweeted to show "the good and the bad" at Brombil reservoir, and implored people to take their rubbish home with them.

On Facebook, many people wrote that they were "disgusted" and "shocked" by the state of the area.

One user commented: "I have visited this beautiful place some time ago - disgusted to see the litter left behind. Leave nothing but footprints."

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