Political parties compete over vision for Wales on last weekend of campaigning for Senedd seats

The major political parties are using the last weekend of campaigning before the Senedd Election to outline their vision for the future of Wales.

Polling stations open on Thursday morning, before voters find out who has been elected when counting begins on Friday.

Plaid Cymru Leader Adam Price has today argued that "only a credible threat of independence gives Wales leverage in London."

Mr Price said that a Welsh government under his party's leadership will "strengthen Wales's hand" when it comes to dealing with Westminster due to Plaid's commitment to an independence referendum.

Adam Price said that if Wales's voice is to be listened to by the UK Government, then it needed "new ideas and new energy for a new Wales" to ensure that the nation's leadership was in tune with rising public support for Welsh independence.

Welsh Labour's message going into the last few days of campaigning is "if you value it, vote for it".

"Welsh Labour's values are your values", Mark Drakeford said. "I'm asking for your vote so I can finish the job and guide us into a brighter future".

The Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew RT Davies, said that this election is too important to use the second, regional, vote as a protest against devolution. 

Doing so, he said, would only encourage a move towards independence at a time when Wales needs to be focusing on economic recovery.

Meanwhile, the Welsh Liberal Democrats announced plans to create a so called “Debt Bonfire” which would see the Welsh Government purchase bad debt and cancel it for the most vulnerable in society. 

Leader Jane Dodds said: "We know our country is disproportionately affected by debt compared to the rest of the UK, that’s why we’d use this funding to free people from the economic insecurity that is faced with debt collecting.

"This is part of our plan to create a fairer, more caring society that puts recovery first".

No overnight counting will take place at this election so results will come in on Friday afternoon and evening.

ITV Cymru Wales will have special coverage online and from 2pm on TV.