Schools to reopen on Wednesday after police move on 'unauthorised visitors' who set up camp on grounds

North Wales Police said the group have now been moved on Credit: Daily Post Wales

Pupils at two Flintshire schools will be able to return to the classroom on Wednesday, after travellers set up camp on the grounds on Tuesday.

Alun School and Ysgol Maes Garmon, in Mold, issued a shared statement on Monday informing parents that the schools would be closed on Tuesday due to "unauthorised visitors".

A number of caravans were reported to have arrived at Alun School on Sunday evening, with at least five remaining at the site on Monday afternoon.

The situation has now been resolved, both North Wales Police and Ysgol Maes Garmon confirmed.

North Wales Police said: "As a result of police intervention the travellers that were at the grounds of Alun School in Mold have now been moved on."

The Ysgol Maes Garmon school said: "School will be open as normal for all students and staff on Wednesday 5th May.

"Thank you to the local authority for ensuring that the site is clear and safe for students and staff."

Remote learning has been in place, whilst the police have been working with the schools.

Alun School said in a statement it was working closely with the police and the council to resolve the situation Credit: Daily Post Wales

North Wales Police said on Monday that the group had been asked to leave the area and that the matter was "in hand".

It said: "We would like to reassure the local community that we are aware of the Travellers which are currently at Alun School in Mold and the matter is in hand.

"The group have been served notice to leave and we are actively utilising legal powers and are working closely with our colleagues at Flintshire County Council."