Mark Drakeford formally renominated First Minister of Wales

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Labour's Mark Drakeford has been confirmed as the Welsh Parliament's nominee for First Minister of Wales following a vote by MSs at the Senedd.

The first plenary session of the sixth Senedd met four days after Mr Drakeford's party equalled its best-ever Welsh Parliament election result by winning 30 seats - leaving it just one short of an outright majority.

There were no further nominations for First Minister, meaning Mark Drakeford was renominated without the need for a vote.

The Queen must approve the nomination before Mr Drakeford officially becomes First Minister.

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Addressing the Senedd, Mr Drakeford said: "This has been an exceptional election and I'm very pleased that young people at 16 and 17 years of age have been able to vote for the very first time in this election, thanks to a law passed in this chamber.

"Now it's time for each and every one of us to use the mandate that we have to implement the ideas that we campaigned on.

"We are still in the midst of a pandemic, which has cast such a dark shadow over our lives. It has extended our health service and the people working within it. It has harmed lives and impacted on people's livelihoods.

"This Welsh Labour government will continue to tackle coronavirus in the cautious way in which we have done so to date, by following the science and safeguarding the most vulnerable in our communities.

"We will lead Wales to a recovery that will bring Wales to a fairer, greener recovery for all. Nobody will be left behind and nobody will be held back."

  • Labour's Mark Drakeford renominated for appointment as First Minister:

He continued, "I make this pledge to the Senedd today in the first session of this new term.

"I will lead a Welsh Labour government, but we will govern in a way that seeks consensus, and will take account of new and bold ideas, wherever those ideas come from. Ideas that can lead to a better future for the people of Wales - from clean air to a basic income, and to ensure that young people are not priced out of Welsh-speaking communities.

"This will be a government that listens and will work collaboratively with others, where there is common ground to be found between us. "

"It's my job to stand up for Wales, and I will never stand back from doing so when the need arises."

The first task for the 60 newly-elected Senedd members was to elect a presiding officer, or Llywydd, and a deputy presiding officer, or Dirprwy Llywydd.

Elin Jones smiled and gave a thumbs-up as she was nominated Llywydd, with 35 votes to Russell George's 25.

David Rees was elected deputy presiding officer with 35 votes, to Hefin David's 24 votes.

  • Elin Jones elected Llywydd of the Senedd:

Mark Drakeford extended his congratulations to the new presiding and deputy presiding officers, and thanked Russell George and Hefin David for putting themselves forward.

He also thanked the 60 newly-elected members and said he looked forward to working with them all.

In line with current coronavirus regulations, only 20 members could be present in the Siambr, with the remaining 40 members joining online from their offices in Ty Hywel.