Punter buys pint for elderly man 'ignored' by staff at Cardiff pub in kind-hearted gesture

Mark Farrier said he saw the man sitting alone at a Wetherspoons in Cardiff Credit: Mark Farrier

A kind-hearted pub goer bought drinks for an older man when he struggled to use an app ordering system to buy his own drinks.

Mark Farrier said he saw the man sitting alone at a JD Wetherspoon's pub in Cardiff trying to order a drink, where he alleges staff ''ignored him for 15 minutes.''

Mark, a thermal insulation engineer from Newcastle, was drinking at the The Ernest Willows on its first day of opening when he noticed the man struggling to get the attention of staff.

In a kind gesture, Mark bought the man two pints and said he chatted to him, discovering that he was 79 and had "sprayed planes" for a living.

Mark posted about the experience on social media to encourage people to ''look after the elderly.''

He received a huge response from people thanking him for his generosity and "kindly sentiment."

One post read: "Thanks for your compassion and taking action straightaway. Our senior adults do feel isolated and left out and obviously this lockdown didn’t help."

The man was drinking at The Ernest Willows in Cardiff Credit: Google Maps

A spokesperson for Wetherspoon insisted the man was not ignored and thanked Mark for his "lovely gesture."

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: "At present, as a result of Covid restrictions, customers can’t order at the bar.

“Instead our pubs across the UK allow customers to pay and order with a member of staff as well as using the Wetherspoon app.

“We are not sure why this individual customer was not served, but we can guarantee that he was not ignored by staff.

“It was a lovely gesture of the fellow customer to intervene and buy him a couple of pints.

“We salute him for doing this.”

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