Wales records one of the wettest May months with more wet and windy weather forecast

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May has been an incredibly unsettled month for Wales, with a mixture of sunshine, blustery showers and even some snow and hail recorded.

But is has been an exceptionally rainy month, with 135mm of rainfall recorded so far this month.

Wales has already recorded 157% of the average May rainfall, and we're only just over half way through the month.

With more rainfall forecast over the coming days, this total is set to increase.

On Friday there were a total of 23 flood alerts in place across Wales, meaning that flooding is possible in these areas.

A fallen tree narrowly misses a car in Milford Haven Credit: Philip Watkins

Strong winds have also hit parts of Wales, with speeds reaching reaching up to 73mph in Pembrey Sands.

A yellow weather warning is in place for much of the country until 9pm on Friday evening.

This month has been one of the wettest May months on record for the UK as a whole - with the UK recording 106% of the average rainfall for May already.

It's also been a lot cooler across the UK this month - with temperatures 2.3°C below average.

Unsettled conditions are expected into the weekend. Credit: Simon Evans

Whilst Wednesday provided us with a brief break from the wet weather - albeit with a few isolated showers around for some of us - Wales has seen return to unsettled conditions.

And the wet and windy weather is set to continue into the weekend.

The wet and windy conditions over the next few days are all thanks to a very deep area of low pressure which will track its way towards the UK from the west.

This area of low pressure is very deep - unseasonably low for the time of the year as we don't usually see areas of low pressure this deep in May.

This area of low pressure with frontal systems attached will bring in cloud, outbreaks of rain, plus, a squeeze in the isobars means that the winds will pick up and strengthen.

The weather warning is in force until Friday evening Credit: Met Office

The Met Office says the windy weather conditions "may lead to some travel disruption and, perhaps, damage to temporary outdoor structures.

There could also be some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport due to the windy conditions, with a risk of trees being blown over and power lines damaged as a result.