Wally the Arctic Walrus spotted in France

wally the walrus tenby credit @exposurebusiness
Wally became a local celebrity when he temporarily made Tenby his home. Credit: Exposurebusiness

Where's Wally? Well he has been on his travels again.

He has now been spotted 390 miles away in France after his brief stop-off in Cornwall last week.

According to French media, he was seen bathing in the sun on rocks near the seaside resort of Sables-d'Olonne.

Wally became a local celebrity when he made a visit to Tenby earlier this year.

Wally spotters in France said: "The large marine mammal of about 3.5m was discovered this morning on a slipway on the wild coast near the Saint-Nicolas priory in Sables-d'Olonne.

"Apparently in good health, he returned to sea."

He was first spotted in the UK after it is believed to have fallen asleep on a drifting iceberg in its Arctic homeland.

Wally became a problem for lifeboat crews in Tenby, when he prevented them launching a test rescue mission by lying on the slipway.

The huge sea animal became a problem for lifeboat crews when he refused to budge

Holidaymakers watched as the walrus refused to move for up to 20 minutes as he blocked the lifeboat launching.

He was finally removed from the slipway in Tenby when a volunteer used a pole to hit the floor and make a noise.

Wally is protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

People in Tenby hope Wally will return to Wales after his French holiday - because he has become a local celebrity with shops selling walrus merchandise.