The 12-year-old boy defying the odds, chasing his dream and even turning the tables on ITV's Stephen Mulhern

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A 12-year-old boy who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of five has been given a little celebrity help on his journey to fulfilling his dream of becoming a Blue Peter presenter.

Griff Crowther's parents were concerned he may not live to see his sixth birthday after his diagnosis.

Richard Crowther, Griff's father, said the news came as a "bolt out of the blue".

He said: "When he was first diagnosed that was one of the most difficult conversations we've ever had.

"Nobody wants to be sat in a position where a consultant says to you 'there's no easy way to say this but your child has a brain tumour.'

"Particularly when we weren't expecting it, for us it was a bolt out of the blue."

Griff Crowther was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of five

Despite the tough diagnosis Griff has not lost a shred of determination to fulfil his lifelong ambition.

His tenacity to carry on has now been recognised by the Make a Wish Foundation, who introduced a rather excited Griff to ITV presenter Stephen Mulhern.

Speaking over Zoom, Griff and Mulhern shared magic tricks with one another with Griff even challenging the Catchphrase presenter to a 'say what you see' contest.

Griff said: "We had a fun chat together. He showed me some magic tricks, I showed him some magic tricks and we did some, from his famous programme Catchphrase, I said 'say what you see'."

That drew a smiling "you are doing a Catchphrase...on Mr Catchphrase" from Mulhern.

Stephen Mulhern is known for presenting various ITV programmes including Britain's Got More Talent, Catchphrase and In For a Penny Credit: PA Images

The Make a Wish Foundation works to give critically ill children unforgettable life experiences.

Sian Williams, a volunteer with the charity, said she hoped Griff's introduction to Mulhern would have given the family some "hope".

She said: "The children who Make a Wish grant wishes to are going through a particularly tough time in their lives, the children and their families together.

"And so Make a Wish just gives the family some hope of that light at the end of the tunnel."

Alongside his presenting dreams Griff also has a keen interest in sport and being active, earning him five Blue Peter badges for various activities including triathlons and playing tennis.

Looking ahead to the future, his father said they could never have envisaged how life has turned out.

"Me sitting with a consultant having the bad news delivered that he needed treatment and that he had a brain tumour, fast forwarding to now, I don't think this is where I expected him to be or how he would be.

"We have to remind ourselves how lucky we are really."