Schoolchildren write heartfelt letters to victims of Mayhill riots

Schoolchildren in Swansea have written letters of support for residents in Mayhill following last month's riots.

Students at nearby Ysgol Gymraeg y Cwm wrote to people who were hurt or had damaged properties to say how shocked and upset they were.

Seven police officers were injured after riots broke out on 20 May.

Fireworks were set off, cars set on fire and bricks thrown through people's windows.

The violence began following a vigil for a local 19-year-old.

Now, year four and five children wanted to express their thoughts and sympathy for those affected.

They sent a total of 24 letters to residents.

One child said they were 'disgusted' by the people who carried out the violence.

The letter was signed off with:

Pupils sent a total of 24 letters to residents affected. Credit: ITV Wales

Sara David, headteacher of Ysgol y Cwm said: "The children were feeling sad, angry and worried following the unfortunate events at Mayhill.

"They came into school talking about the scenes, so the class teacher decided to address those emotions and worries head on.

"It was important for us as a school to channel those emotions into something positive by letting the children do something to help.

"Although our school is on the other side of the valley, some of the children had family and friends living in the Mayhill area.

"They had a lot of empathy with those who had been affected and their pets. One pupil said he wanted to give a big hug to everyone who was affected.

"What’s important for us as a school is that we discuss local matters as it affects our community.

"The reaction has been incredible. It came back to us that the police were ‘over the moon’ with the letters.

"The children have also created a booklet with all the letters inside. This will be displayed in an exhibition we have in the school celebrating our work in the community."

One letter read:

"Dear friend

"I am terribly sorry for what happend at Mayhill last night.

"I hope you and your family are okay. This behavior should NOT be tolerated. Those rioters deserve to go to jail every single one of them! This makes me so angry! If you have a pet, wife/husband, child I hope are ok. I hope your house is ok. The violence was mad."

Twenty people have been arrested so far following the disturbance.

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