Gareth Bale quizzed by young footballers on biggest game, scoring goals and being a chocaholic

  • Watch the Q&A between Gareth Bale and young Cardiff footballers

Gareth Bale has revealed some big exclusives after being quizzed by young footballers from Cardiff - including his favourite dessert.

The Wales forward answered some grilling questions in a Q&A with girls from Canton Liberal FC under 7s.

The youngsters had wide-ranging queries for the football star, from how to score goals to his favourite food.

Speaking to ITV Wales, they described Bale as their favourite player and cheered on Wales as they continue their Euro 2020 campaign.

The reds - who adorned yellow at the Olympic Stadium in Baku - secured a 2-0 victory over Turkey on Wednesday.

It takes them onto four points and leaves them in a healthy position heading into their final Group A fixture against Italy in Rome on Sunday.

Ahead of their final group game against Italy on Sunday, find out what Bale had to share in the heart-warming interview.

Girls from Canton Liberal FC under 7s submitted their pressing questions for Bale. Credit: ITV Wales
  • What has been your biggest match?

I know it sounds weird but they were making a decision on me when I was 15 in Southampton, whether to give me a scholarship or not.

I had a game against Norwich away for the under 18s, which was two years above me, and if I hadn't played that game well then my career would've been maybe not even existing.

That's where I was kind of able to build my platform and grow from there.

  • How do you score lots of goals?

The more practice you put in on the training field, the more things you try, I guess repetition makes things easier on the football pitch.

So yeah, I would just say practise, practise, practise!

  • What is your favourite food?

My favourite food is probably chocolate to be honest. I know it's bad but I'm a chocaholic, always have been.

I eat my vegetables, I eat my good stuff, but yeah my cheat food is chocolate, for sure.

  • What is your favourite dessert?

My favourite dessert is probably a banana split, and I know it sounds weird but every Christmas Eve we have banana split, so I'd probably say that just because it's tradition and I enjoy it as well.

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