Denmark fans to be allowed into Netherlands for Wales tie despite warnings fans would be turned away

A small pocket of Welsh fans pictured outside Rome's Stadio Olimpico on the weekend. Credit: Jonathan Moscrop/Sportimage/PA Images

Denmark fans have now been told they will be allowed entry into the Netherlands to watch their last-16 Euro 2020 match against Wales, despite fans of both countries initially being told they would not be granted entry into the country due to coronavirus restrictions.

On Monday Welsh football fans planning to head to the Netherlands for the next stage of the tournament were warned they faced not being let into the country, with health minister Eluned Morgan saying Dutch authorities had indicated any Wales fans would be turned away.

However, a Danish official told a press conference on Tuesday that Denmark fans would now be able to go to the Netherlands and avoid having to quarantine if they planned their journeys carefully.

Erik Brogger, director of Denmark's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Citizen Service, said fans could avoid a quarantine spell if they entered and left the country within 12 hours.

"You can get to football, but you have to plan quite carefully if you do not want to risk being quarantined in a hotel room," he was quoted as saying by Danish media outlet Politiken.

"It should be technically possible, but you have to plan it pretty carefully.

"For most people, it will probably be better to stay at home. We encourage you to watch the match at home."

The Danish authorities said their fans could travel if they present a negative PCR test that is a maximum of 72 hours old.

They must go into isolation for ten days - but with the opportunity to test themselves out of it on day five - and bring a quarantine certificate that shows where they want to stay in isolation.

The Dutch Government has been contacted for comment.

At Tuesday's First Minister's Questions, Mark Drakeford said that despite the change in rules for Denmark fans the Welsh Government stood by its original position of advising against any travel for Euro 2020.

"The advice of the Welsh Government has not changed," he said.

"It's the same advice that the Football Association of Wales and indeed the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have given to fans: that this is not the year to travel to watch Wales play abroad."

He added: "While we are in the position that we are in, in Wales, with the Delta variant rising and the vulnerabilities it's caused us the advice of the Welsh Government has not changed.

"It remains aligned with the advice that comes from elsewhere. Our advice is don't travel, enjoy the tournament, support your team from Wales."

Wales sealed their progression through to the knockout stages despite losing to Italy in Rome on Sunday Credit: PA Images

Wales reached the knockout stage of the tournament on Sunday, despite losing 1-0 to Italy in Rome.

Robert Page's side finished above Switzerland on goal difference to take second place in Group A and now head to Amsterdam to face Denmark.

At a Welsh Government press conference on Monday, Eluned Morgan had warned fans against travelling to the Netherlands for risk of being of turned away.

She told journalists: "We were all ecstatic to see what happened on the weekend, but of course we have to manage this carefully.

"We have had some guidance from the police in Amsterdam who have told us that they will not be letting Welsh fans into the country."

The Netherlands currently classes the UK as a 'very high-risk' country under coronavirus regulations, meaning mandatory self-quarantine and additional testing requirements are in place.

Anyone who fails to comply may be fined €339, or just under £300.

Meanwhile, The Netherlands is on the UK's amber list, meaning travel is not advised.

Wales are among the nations that have travelled the most miles at Euro 2020, having played their opening two games in the Azerbaijani capital Baku before moving on to Rome.

Some fans travelled to watch in person, despite the Welsh Government's pleas not to.

At the same Government briefing the health minister once again urged fans to stay in Wales to watch the tournament.

"We would encourage you to stay here and to watch the matches carefully," she said.

"If local authorities come forward and ask us for the setting up of fan zones, then of course we as a government will now consider that and publish guidelines for how that could be done in a safe way.

"We are very keen to make sure that people have the opportunity to watch the match in a safe environment."

Eluned Morgan said she "watched with horror" as crowds of football fans gathered in parts of London on the weekend. Credit: SOPA Images/SIPA USA/PA Images

Ms Morgan said she watched "with horror" as football fans mixed in some parts of England over the weekend.

"We want to avoid that if we can, and that's why we will consider proposals that come forward from local authorities for fan zones that can be safely regulated," she added.

"If you can watch the match outside, that's what our preference would be - rather than watching it inside with people, and particularly if they're not in your bubble."

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