'Foolish' driver caught speeding at 149mph with young son in the car

Police said they 'literally had no words' after the driver passed them at nearly 150mph with his son in tow. Credit: PA Images / North Wales Police

A driver was caught speeding at a "whopping" 149 miles per hour with his young son in the car, police said.

The man was clocked as he passed a roads policing officer at Broughton, Flintshire, with his 14-year-son as a passenger.

North Wales Police later tweeted to say: "We literally have no words."

The force said the driver has been reported for the offence and will appear in court.

"He'll have to explain his foolish actions to a judge," they added.

The tweet included the hashtag #Fatal5 - a term for the five biggest contributory factors in road traffic collisions resulting in deaths and serious injuries.

The 'fatal five' are speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, drink or drug driving, using a mobile phone whilst driving, and careless or reckless driving.

Earlier this year, a driver who was stopped by police for driving at 122mph on the M5 told officers that he was travelling back from Wales after getting a haircut.

Last year, another driver admitted reaching speeds of up to 160mph during the first lockdown, with road safety campaigners warning some motorists were taking advantage of the quieter roads.