What impact are rising cases of the Delta variant having on Wales' hospitals?

  • Correspondent Owain Phillips explains the impact of the Delta variant on hospitals in Wales

Confirmed cases of the Delta variant of Covid-19 have increased by more than a third across Wales in the last four days.

On Thursday, Public Health Wales revealed there were 708 confirmed cases - a 36% rise since Monday, when there were just 209 cases.

The figures also showed a 61% increase compared to the 488 confirmed a week before.

It said in some parts of north east Wales there are now 100 cases per 100,000 people.

People are being reminded to get vaccinated if they haven't already.

It comes after the UK Government said it would consider making double-vaccinated travellers exempt from quarantining on return to England from amber list countries.

The Welsh Government has said it will "weigh up all the available evidence and make a decision for Wales".

Public Health Wales figures show the rise in Delta variant cases over the last two weeks. Credit: ITV Wales
  • How is the Delta variant affecting Welsh hospitals?

There are currently around 100 people in Welsh hospitals with either confirmed or suspected Covid.

In January - when the UK was dealing with a second wave of the virus - that number was more than 2,800.

But during the first two waves there was a lag in the number of people with Covid transferring into hospital admissions.

The Welsh Government has said it is too early to know whether the most recent rise in cases is causing a rise in hospital admissions.

But other parts of the UK have seen a jump in the number of Covid patients in hospitals, with those in North Yorkshire doubling in the last week.

Earlier this month, the First Minister said the UK is seeing a third wave of coronavirus, warning of the "serious public health situation".

People in Wales are being urged to get vaccinated if they haven't already. Credit: PA Images
  • How many people have been vaccinated in Wales?

As of June 23, Wales has delivered 1,571,710 second doses of Covid vaccine - the equivalent of 62.3% of its adult population.

This is ahead of all the other nations in the UK.

Wales also leads the nations in first doses, with 89.0% of its adults estimated to have received at least one jab.

All adults in Wales have been offered a first dose of vaccine, according to the Welsh Government.

Wales has managed to get more than 90% of people in all age groups 65 and over fully vaccinated, while 89.3% of people aged 60 to 64 are estimated to have had both doses.

Among younger age groups, 85.1% of people aged 55 to 59 have received both jabs, as well as 76.4% of those aged 50 to 54 and 49.2% of those aged 40 to 49.