The people and the message behind the stunning new mural in Cardiff

  • Video filmed and edited by ITV Wales reporter Mike Griffiths

A striking new mural has been created on the side of a building in the centre of Cardiff.

The artwork, showing 22-year-old Nicole Ready wearing a yellow Wales shirt, is intended to provoke conversations around diversity and representation.

"It's of a face that's from Cardiff, and faces that we don't see on the walls enough" explains Nicole.

The team only had a few days to create the mural

"Growing up, when you don't have that representation, you know how important it is to be part of the narrative that creates that representation" she says.

"Now it's on a wall in Cardiff, and a street that I used to walk past every day after school! I feel like a role model for my little cousins. If it means anything to anyone, I want it to mean something to them".

Co-creator Yusuf Ismail

The project was commissioned by Adidas to tie in with the Euros. Visual artists Yusuf Ismail and Shawqi Hasson teamed up with graffiti artist Rmer One to create the artwork.

"The message about this whole work is about showing diversity and using football as a platform for inclusivity" says Yusuf.

Inspired by a photo of former Wales international George Berry, Yusuf says the project is a way of "celebrating black women, and black culture, within Wales. Something that's rooted at home, and very tangible".