Calls for compensation for victims of flooding in Pentre, after report reveals cause was blocked drainage system

  • Rural Affairs Correspondent Hannah Thomas speaks to people in Pentre affected by the floods.

There are growing calls to compensate residents in Pentre in the Rhondda Valley, after they were flooded several times last year.

A report from Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, published 1 July 2021, said the floods were caused by 'woody debris' blocking a local culvert.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW), who manage the culvert, say whilst it accepts that the debris may have contributed to blockages, it disagrees that their tree-felling was the primary cause of the flooding.

Its own review into the floods found that the tree-felling methods "were appropriate and in line with forestry standards".

Those affected by last year's floods in Pentre are putting on pressure for compensation now the review has been published.

Shauna Jones said: "Many people's lives were destroyed, not just mine. And someone has to hold their hands up and say 'look, it was me'.

"I'm living on edge. If it happens all over again I can't afford to physically go through it all again."

The village of Pentre in the Rhondda valley faced further flooding following heavy rain during Storm Dennis.

Requests to hold an independent inquiry have also been made but it is unclear whether an inquiry will happen.

Julie James MS, minister for climate change, has said she welcomes the report and wants to see a plan for the future to prevent such severe flooding happening again.

“We now want all flood Risk Management Authorities to work together to develop a plan of action for the Pentre community to provide clarity on the action they have taken since 2020, the plans for future action to tackle flood risk in the area and the action to be taken in the interim to support the community.

“I will also be asking them to take whatever action is necessary to prepare for this coming autumn and winter.”