One in five pet owners consider rehoming dog when lockdown eases

 Kennel Club encourages places to be Open for Dogs. Credit The Kennel Club
The Kennel Club says it is trying to combat the "looming" welfare crisis facing dogs. Credit: The Kennel Club

One in five pet owners in Wales say they have considered re-homing their dog as lockdown easing looms.

It comes as two thirds of people across Wales admit they are worried about post-pandemic puppy abandonment.

The Kennel Club says it is trying to combat the "looming" welfare crisis facing dogs.

New research shows that the growing market of pandemic dog owners fear they will no longer be able to give a suitable home to their pets as lockdown restrictions ease, unless places of leisure and employment improve their dog friendly credentials.

The research, released this week by The Kennel Club as part of its Open for Dogs campaign, shows that more than two in three (69 per cent) of people in Wales are worried about dogs bought during the pandemic being abandoned when 'normal' life resumes.

Bill Lambert, spokesperson for The Kennel Club said: “This new research worryingly shows that if dogs can’t go to places with their owners, and fit their lifestyle post-pandemic, some will be left home alone for too long, or even sadly rehomed or abandoned.

“These consequences could be quite devastating for the nation’s dogs, who frankly don’t deserve to be left behind after being there for so many during lockdown.”

The research also suggests nationally, more than half of dog owners would be prepared to pay more money to go somewhere dog friendly and 55% say that they would stay longer if they didn’t have to race home to see their dog.

Following these findings, The Kennel Club has launched its Open for Dogs campaign, urging more businesses, establishments and workplaces to consider the benefits of being dog friendly.

Bill added: “Hospitality, businesses and workplaces can play a role in combatting the looming welfare crisis faced by this pandemic pup generation by being open for dogs; helping owners to introduce or re-introduce their pet to ‘normal’, without leaving them behind, and preventing a legacy of separation anxiety.

“Following a year of lockdown restrictions impacting business, dog friendly policies can also reap economic benefits across the board – according to our research, more than one in two owners claim they would happily stay longer and spend more if their dog was with them whilst out socialising at a pub, café or restaurant.

“Dogs should be a part of our lives and daily routines as much as possible, and we hope to see the UK being as faithful to dogs as they are, and have been, to us.”