Boy, 11, saves younger brother from choking on bacon sandwich

An 11-year-old sea cadet from Neath has been praised for saving his younger brother from choking on a bacon sandwich.

Cai put the first aid skills he learned as a sea cadet to use when he noticed, Ioan, aged five, go "blue and floppy" while they were eating breakfast at their grandmother's house.

Using the skills he had been taught on a video course during lockdown, Cai slapped his brother hard across the back to dislodge the piece of bacon. Following the ordeal, Ioan described Cai as his "hero".

His mother Daniella, who was also in the Sea Cadets, says "We are so proud of Cai's quick thinking. He remained calm and knew exactly what he needed to do to help his brother.

"This underlines why it is so important for children to have an understanding of first aid. We are very grateful that Cai had received this training."

After hearing about what Cai did, Brigadier Jock Fraser, the Naval Regional Commander for Wales and Western England, congratulated him and sent him a Royal Navy rugby ball as a gift.

Cai with his Royal Navy rugby ball, along with his brother Ioan and mother Daniella. Credit: The Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (RFCA) for Wales

"I was amazed to learn how brilliantly Cai responded to the situation and how skilfully he put the Sea Cadet first aid training into action.

"Cai is a remarkable young man and we are all very proud of him. Cai's brother thinks he is a hero and so do we."