Unseen David Bowie artworks go on display in Llangollen ahead of auction

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An artist who worked with David Bowie has put his work of the legendary musician up for auction - in a sale thought to be worth around £75,000.

Previously unseen photos, sculpture and portraits of the star, who died in 2016, have been on display in Llangollen.

The work is by artist Edward Bell, the man responsible for designing the cover of the star's iconic album Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), released in 1980.

David Bowie commissioned Edward Bell to create the artwork for his album Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) Credit: Edward Bell

The pair first met in a gallery displaying Edward's work, something which led Bowie to commission the artist to create the now-famous album cover.

Edward told ITV News, "He was wearing sunglasses and looking at the paintings.

"Then the penny dropped - hang on this isn't who I thought it was, this is David Bowie!"

This began a working relationship with Bowie that would last for over a decade, giving the artist a rare opportunity to get to know the man behind the pop star persona.

"When you were with him it was intense, yet he was extremely witty," he recalled.

"I treated him like I'm talking to you - that's the only way - otherwise, you're down there, you're a fan.

"The trouble with that is you're talking to David, say the wrong thing and he becomes Bowie - and you become nobody."

The collection amassed during that ten year relationship is now on display at The Dory Gallery, Llangollen.

And from Friday, the pieces go up for sale in a special auction by Hall's Fine Art. Estimates for the work range from £300 up to £4,000.

The sale has attracted interest from all over the world, demonstrating the musician's global appeal.

Auctioneer Abigail Molenaar said, "We've got calls coming in from Japan, Switzerland, America.

"People are coming from all over the country who are just desperate to see it."

Colour print of Bowie in Scary Monsters Makeup Credit: Edward Bell

The artworks might soon be delighting fans in homes across the world, but Edward isn't sad at the prospect of seeing the collection go.

"Thank goodness," he said.

"It's been under the bed for years!'

Bowie fans can see the full collection, perhaps together in one place for the last time, at The Dory Gallery until August 1.