Your warm weather pictures as Wales records the hottest day of the year so far

Little Callie has been keeping cool in this bucket of water. Credit: Fern Parry

Wales has recorded the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures reaching 29.6°C in Usk.

Temperatures are expected to reach 31°C in Cardiff on Sunday.

We've also recorded some uncomfortable overnight temperatures this weekend, with temperatures at Mumbles Head not falling below 18.8°C on Saturday evening.

Keeping cool in the paddling pool in Caerau. Credit: Tracey Selby

Here are some of your pictures that you've been sending in to show us how you've been keeping cool in the heat:

This dog has been loving their paddling pool in Wrexham. Credit: Lorraine Davies
Matching swimsuits in Caswell Bay. Credit: Sarah Thyer
Josie, Halle and Ruby have been spending the day in the paddling pool. Credit: Jus Jianikos
Molly and her friends at West Shore, Llandudno. Credit: Maxine Louise Evans
Tilly the dog keeping cool in front of the fan at home. Credit: Sue Martin